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Can a hand sanitizer serve as a suitable alternative to hand washing? Will using a hand sanitizer decrease your chance of getting sick? Hand Sanitizers - Not Always the Best Choice

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How to Choose a Doctor or Other Health Practitioner

One of our underlying philosophies here at Health and Wellness Watchers is that health is an individual responsibility. Taking responsibility for your health involves living a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise. It also involves working with a physician or other health practitioner who can guide you in achieving and maintaining your health care goals. Ideally, the doctor and health practitioners you choose to work with will take an integrative and holistic approach to health, meaning that they will be versed in the best that both conventional and alternative or complementary medicine has to offer.
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Health Tip of the Day

Here's a warning to men who have lower than normal sperm counts. Your problem may be due to your cell phone. That's because research presented before the American Society of Reproductive Medicine shows that men who use their cell phones four or more hours each day have, on average, a 25 percent lower than normal sperm cell count, and that the quality of their sperm is also unhealthy. Researchers speculate that cell phones can cause these problems in two ways. First, the electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones can cause sperm damage. But so can carrying cell phone on a belt or inside pockets close to the groin area, due to how cell phones can induce increased temperature in the groin. So, men, to protect the health of your sperm, limit your use of cell phones and keep them away from your groin area.

Yesterday's Health Tip

Are you experiencing a loss of libido? If your problem is not due to a more serious health issue (such as undiagnosed cardiovascular disease or hormonal imbalances), here's a simple trick that can put more pep in your sex life, no matter if you are a man or a woman: exercise! That's right. Research has shown that just 20 minutes of aerobic exercise three to five days a week can significantly improve your sex drive. Good types of aerobic exercise include brisk walks, jogging, bicycling, treadmill exercises, or jumping on a mini-trampoline. So get busy, and then get busy! Read more health tips...
What Can be Done for GERD?
GERD, which stands for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, is becoming increasingly common in the United States. GERD is also referred to simply as acid reflux and heartburn. People with GERD frequently experience the liquid contents of their stomach backing up (refluxing) into their esophagus. continued inside...

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